A Magical Place – Katy, Grade 6

A Magical Place Shimmering lakes of slippery ice Greets the skates’ scarring slice. Hills decorated in summit white Watch the kids sleigh into the night. In the dazzling auroras of the Northern light, Snowy owls in pines take flight. Evergreens draped in robes of snow, Their big branches hanging heavy …

Giraffe disturbing residents after owner dies – Jeremy, Grade 7

This news report, written by one of my grade 7 students, is based on the short story “The Giraffe.” The news report has a relevant title and starts off well with a lead that clearly and concisely reveals the 5 W’s. It uses quotes accurately to add reliability as well as liveliness to the news report. Finally, the news report is accurately based on the events, setting, and characters in the story.

A Greener Home – Alex, Grade 8

This persuasive essay is written by one of my grade 8 students. He is trying to galvanize peole to save the earth. He has successfully applied the rhetorical appeals to persuade the readers. The rhetorical devices, the vivid imagery, the literary devices, and the occasional first and second person perspectives have made it all an engaging speech.