7-year-old nearly drowns in backyard pool – Dorothy, Grade 8

7-year-old nearly drowns in backyard pool 

Dorothy, News reporter 

Friday, March 5, 2021 

NEW YORK – 7-year-old Ellie Smith almost drowned in her backyard swimming pool and was saved by her neighbour, who fortunately happened to hear her cries for help. 

“I was working in my office that afternoon, and Ellie asked if she could play in the pool, I didn’t think anything would happen since she’s been swimming since the age of 4,” said Ellie’s mom, Jenny Smith.

“I was outside doing some garden work when I heard a scream; I noticed the sound was coming from the Smiths’ backyard. I quickly ran over and saw Ellie was screaming and sinking. I quickly ran over and got her out,” said  Ellie’s neighbour, Leah.

“Ellie had some water in her lungs; we performed CPR on her and could, fortunately, resuscitate her,” said the paramedics at the scene. 

“We are very grateful that Leah saved Ellie. If she didn’t get there, by the time I was outside it might’ve been too late,” said Mrs. Smith. 

According to the government of Canada, in 2017, 290 people died due to drowning accidents across Canada.