Police detective found murdered in own house – Henry, Grade 9 IB

This news report, written by one of my grade 9 IB students, is based on the short story “Lamb to The Slaughter.”  The news report has a catchy title and starts off well with a lead that clearly and concisely reveals the 5 W’s. It uses quotes accurately to add reliability as well as  liveliness to the news report. Finally, the news report is accurately based on the events, setting, and characters in the story.  

Police detective found murdered in own house

Henry S, News Reporter

Thur Jan 9, 2020

OHIO – “A veteran police detective, named Patrick Maloney, was found dead on Thursday evening,” said Sergeant Jack Nooman after a full investigation of the crime scene, a townhouse where the murder took place.

Patrick Maloney was found dead by his wife, Mary Maloney, at around 7 pm, when she returned from the grocery store. Upon the discovery of the dead body, she immediately contacted Jack Nooman, a colleague of her husband’s, and reported the murder.

“I was just going to fix us some dinner, and I went to buy some vegetables at the neighbourhood grocery, and when I came back, I found him like this!” exclaimed Mrs. Maloney, the wife of the deceased detective.

Upon further investigation of the case, the police found that the victim had been killed by a blow to the back of his head with a heavy object.

“The back of his skull was completely shattered,” said Charlie Miller, one of the police detectives on the scene. “Right now what we are trying to find is the murder weapon. It must have been a large object, considering how the back of his head is in pieces.”

“The investigation is still underway, and the search for a suspect or suspects will continue,” said Sergeant Miller. “Patrick Maloney was a good man and a dedicated police detective, so I don’t know why anyone would do this.”

“The search for the killer will continue in the following days, and Mrs. Maloney will be sure to have moral support after such a tragedy,” added Sergeant Miller.