Students raise money for a good cause – Meya, Grade 8

Students raise money for a good cause

Meya, Student Reporter

Friday, Jan 29, 2021

MARKHAM – The student council at Oak Wall High School raised over $2400 for Community Charity and the Canadian Wildlife Federation by selling tickets to a raffle that was held on a Monday morning.

Led by the student council president, Justin Zhu,  the raffle was for four Drake concert tickets. Each raffle ticket cost $3, and the money raised during the three-week sale period amounted to more than $2400, with more than 800 students participating. 

“We’re very grateful that so many students participated in the raffle, and that we were able to raise so much money for the organizations,” said student council president, Justin Zhu.

“I’m very lucky that I won one of the tickets, and that I was able to donate. My mother works for Community Charity; she and her co-workers are very happy that the school decided to donate the money,” commented Zoe Turner, winner of one of the four concert tickets.

“I’m proud of my students and their efforts. They have decided that half of the money goes to the charity, and the other half goes to the federation,” said Principal Hunter Finnegan.