Always Be Ready – Aburvaa, Grade 6

Always Be Ready – Aburvaa, Grade 6

Always Be Ready

It was a very warm Saturday afternoon, and my dad, my sister, and I were on our way to my yoga and swimming class. I was so excited to see my friends and learn more tricks and skills in the cold water, which, at that time I thought, was blue. I was only six years old, so I didn’t know much. We were almost there, and I realized my hair was a mess, and my yoga teacher expected the class to always be on time and prepared. I was so scared that she would yell at me that I started to worry. “No, I didn’t brush my hair; my teacher is going to get mad!” My dad luckily always kept a comb with him, so I was safe. He handed me the comb and I thought a comb and a brush were the same. It was the first time I had ever used a comb since I had thick hair. Therefore, I wanted to try something new. As I was imagining being on a fashion show, and me being a fashion diva, I took the comb and a strand of my hair. “I need to wrap it around… there!” I ended up twisting my hair in between the orange plastic bristles on the comb. I was holding the comb for a while because I thought that the curls in my hair would make me stand out in my class. I held it for a while, while my sister was distracted with her iPod, and my dad was driving. “58…59…60! Now I need to unwrap it,” I said. It wasn’t unwrapping, though. My hair was stuck! “Oh no, oh no, oh no! What am I going to do!?” My dad was just driving into the parking lot, and my sister had just realized what I had done. I was so sad that I started to cry, and neither my sister nor my dad was able to take my hair off. I ended up with very uneven hair because I had to cut it.

After this incident, I didn’t learn my lesson; I just thought that I was unlucky until this happened. “Alright, I have to do my homework, but just one more video,” I stated when it was 9:30 pm. Here we go again. A black hole opened on T.V and I got sucked into it. Oh no, I was trapped, now I couldn’t stop watching youtube. Some time passed, then I heard, “Aburvaa! Are you doing your homework because it’s getting late?” “Yikes!” I thought. My mom thought I was doing my homework, while I was watching youtube the whole time. “It’s fine, I’ll just do it all now.” I slowly turned to my clock, hoping that it was still somehow 9:30 pm because I froze time, but time was not my friend at that time. It was 10 pm! I needed to go to sleep, and the next morning  I had to submit the homework. “What am I going to do!?” I thought pacing around the living room. I just had to do it now; it’s fine. I ended up finishing my homework and headed back up. The next day I wasn’t able to wake up and I was very late for school. My parents weren’t too happy. 

Somehow, even though I really tried my best, I wasn’t prepared once again. I was making a card for my cousin’s 30th birthday, and I was trying to look for some ideas since it was a special birthday for her. It was a week before her birthday so I thought that I had some time. I saw this really pretty card and wanted to do something similar to it. It was like a pop-up card. When you opened it, beautiful pink and purple flowers would be spread around the card. I was super excited to make it but decided to do it the next day. I ended up getting very frustrated because I couldn’t make it. My mom asked me to make another one, but I didn’t want to. A few days passed, and it was the last day before her birthday. I felt really guilty that I hadn’t made a card for my cousin. I decided to make a very simple one because I didn’t want her to be sad. I quickly wrapped one up, but I wasn’t too happy with it. It was very simple and I knew that I could do much better. The problem was that I needed more time. At that point, I knew I should always be prepared.

The lesson I learned from all of these situations was to never do anything at the last minute. I should always be prepared and know to do stuff beforehand. At some points, I really wished I had a time-turner and could go back in time to fix stuff, just like Harry and Hermione in the Prisoner of Azkaban. Now I know that I need to be ready for everything, and I will finish stuff when it needs to be done.