A Greener Home – Alex, Grade 8

A Greener Home

The average adult will throw away 90,000 pounds of garbage in their lifespan. Some might think that this is a fairly reasonable amount of garbage, while others may have a different idea. But it does make sense to say that this is no small matter. The problem is actually way worse than you may imagine. We are burning fossil fuels that choke the skies charcoal black, dumping trash that will turn green meadows into smelly landfills, and pouring away greasy oil and chemical dyes that will pollute our waterways and aquifers.

This is the harsh reality of our situation right now. An iceberg could crash into the ocean in the blink of an eye. One measly match could start a forest fire. There is too much at stake.

We need to do something, and that something must happen right now.

We need to use reusable bottles because according to theworldcounts.com, 1,500 plastic water bottles are being thrown in either landfills or the ocean every second. If that isn’t enough to shock you, know that these plastic bottles will decompose over decades, releasing microplastics and poisonous chemicals many of us can’t even pronounce. In other words, one plastic bottle could hurt hundreds of innocent marine animals and make tap water filled with incredibly unimaginable substances, eventually making us extremely sick. 

When you throw out that one little plastic bag, never think it is nothing because you are contributing to the 7 million plastic bags discarded by Ontarians every day. There are better alternatives to replace this, leaving you, the environment, and your wallet much happier. 

Our world is simply filled with more magic than anyone can dream of. Please, for all of us, let’s try to keep it this way, one action at a time.