Writing Riot

5 Out of 5 Stars

Richard Zhao

On   07/16/2019

I have been with George for more than two and a half years. George is a kind, patient, and responsible teacher. He focuses on the 5 main sections: grammar, writing, literature, reading, and vocabulary. My English has improved greatly overall!... Read More

Rachel Zhang

On   04/27/2019

George is an excellent teacher in teaching English. He helps me with my English. Over the past few months of learning with him. I improved a lot.... Read More

Cynthia Li

On   04/20/2019

George is a great teacher! He is patient and nice. I already had his classes for a year and a half. My reading, writing, and grammar improved a lot.... Read More

Molly Wu

On   04/20/2019

George is a very nice teacher, and I feel really comfortable while having classes. I only had a few classes with him but I can see that my English inproved a lot with his help.... Read More

Venessa Lee

On   04/20/2019

I have been with George for a little less than a year, and my English has been much improved. George is patient, nice, and he can put up with a bit of my shenanigans.... Read More


Calvin: “I had a class with George for my grade 11 and 12 English. The comments he provided on my essays improved my writing skill greatly; he is a real writer himself.”

Tom: “In grade 10, I had problems with most of my grade-10-English units. He easily taught me literary analysis, essay writing, and poetry. He is also very organized and patient.”

Xiao: “I arrived in Canada three months ago, and I am so lucky to have such a great teacher. He is so patient and understanding. I never get bored in his class. He is also preparing me for my future English classes.”

Steven: “George has a perfect understanding of the sentence structure and paragraph development. For the first time, I learned how to write my sentences correctly.“

Selina: “I had an IELTS preparation course with George. He has achieved 9.0 in IELTS himself; it is unbelievable. He taught me the strategies he applies himself. I easily got 7.0 in my IELTS test.”

Sarah: “At first, only my daughter attended the class, but later I decided to have a class with George myself. I have improved my pronunciation and speaking a lot. He is wonderful.“

Richard: “George helped me improve my writing for the AP test. He is a great teacher; he taught me all the strategies for all the three writing tasks of the AP test.”

Mary: “I am a grade-6 student. I was born in Canada, but I have always had problems with my writing. George has taught me a lot, and my writing has improved dramatically.”



  1. 很幸运能找到这样的好老师,在他的辅导下我的英文水平有了很大的进步 !
  2. 他的课堂十分有趣生动,让我体会到学习英语的乐趣!
  3. 对学生非常细心负责,我的英文提高很快!
  4. 为人友好亲切,每次都会耐心的解决我的问题!
  5. 可以第一时间回答我的疑惑并给予我好的方式去解答!
  6. 值得让学生尊重的好老师!
  7. 有独特风格的教学方式让我更好的去学习英语,帮助我远离别人口中英语的枯燥!
  8. 每次的课堂教学都富有逻辑,让我有效的汲取知识!
  9. 给我提出合适的学习建议让我受用终生!
  10. 会根据我的不足进行提点并加强这方面的训练,让我尽快克服自己的薄弱处,更好更有效的提高我的英语水平!