Summary of “Autumntime” – Edward, Grade 5

 In Anthony Lentini’s short story “Autumntime,” the main character and his parents travel to the East Boston Urban Center. They are on their way to see a preserved home and a live tree. The main character has never seen a live tree before.  After he sees the tree at the preserved O’Brien home, he reads a brochure from the guide and realizes that the O’Brien home, including the tree, will be torn down. The main character is fascinated by the tree. He wants more time to spend with it, and he feels really sad when it is time to leave the tree. He is also really sad when he realizes that the tree will be cut down. Unfortunately, he needs to let go of the fact that the tree will be cut down. He thinks about this on his way home while he plays with an acorn that he found in the O’Briens backyard.

Read Autumntime by Anthony Lentini here.