Summary of “The Street That Got Mislaid” by Patrick Waddington – Ethan, Grade 6

In the story, “The Street that Got Mislaid” by Patrick Waddington, Marc, who works for the city’s engineering department, discovers a street called Green Bottle Street, which he has never heard of before. He is shocked because he knows everything about the city. After going through some files, he finds out the last city inspection for Green Bottle Street was fifteen years ago. He decides to visit the area and put the street back on the map. Once at Green Bottle Street, a green, beautiful neighbourhood, Marc meets a lady named Sara, who tells him about the street and their peaceful life, free from taxes and notices from the government. Marc, who is amazed by the peace and quiet of the street, instead of putting Green Bottle Street back on the map, asks Sara if he can live in the area. Sara agrees, and Marc believes Green Bottle Street will be mislaid forever.