Giraffe disturbing residents after owner dies – Jeremy, Grade 7

Giraffe disturbing residents after owner dies 

Jeremy, Student Reporter

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Brooklyn – A giraffe brought into town by a razor blade seller, who has sadly died of a heart attack, is now causing fear and disruption in the town.

“I was buying a razor blade when suddenly he collapsed and died before the paramedics arrived,” said a resident, “and the giraffe was apparently very sad.”

Once the Giraffe was on its own, people did not know what to do with it, until a young boy, called  Rolandino volunteered to take care of it. Seeing the boy take the initiative, a few other brave boys stepped out to volunteer. 

“Owning the giraffe would be fun,” said Rolandino, it is different from any animal I’ve ever seen. It is formidable.   

Even though the giraffe is a sight to see, many townspeople do not appreciate the animal. “That beast is a monster,” said Sean Way, a resident of Brooklyn, “it chews up the tree leaves and gives people a demonic glare during the night time.” 

Later, the giraffe, which continues to wreak havoc around town, was found sleeping in the church. 

“I am starting to dislike the Giraffe,” said Jeff Thimble, the Priest of the Church. “People are angry at the giraffe; it has messed up the church.”

The people of Brooklyn have started to threaten Ronaldinho and his group. They demand the giraffe must either be killed or moved out of town. “The giraffe has made too many problems in town,” said a resident  of Brooklyn, “The giraffe needs to go.”

The boys, who are determined to keep the giraffe, are still looking for a place to keep the giraffe and would appreciate anyone who can help them by making donations or providing a place where the giraffe can stay.