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Writing Riot

Writing Riot

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Not only will I preserve your most intimate inner feelings and thoughts, but also I can create an everlastingly vivid image of you, which evolves each time your dearest reads me. I am not a photo, doomed to be consigned to oblivion. I am the creator of pictures, pictures that regenerate, pictures that neither erode nor age. I am powerful. My name is Writing.

About Me

George Alizadeh George Alizadeh  I am a writer and an OCT and TESL Ontario certified teacher and have taught English, writing, ESL, and IELTS for more than 20 years in many schools in Canada and...

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Group Classes Group Classes (one-on-four) for Primary, Middle, and High School Students Course Title Course Content Course Info Course Fee High School English - Grades 9 & 10o Weekly vocabulary and etymology lessons o Weekly...

New Students

New Students Registration Information & Announcements for Group & One-on-one Homework Aid Information about new group classes and one-on-one homework aid spots is updated regularly. Courses Registration Information Open Courses Group Classes Registration Procedures for...

My Hall of Fame

Every time my students show a passion for writing, they create pieces that make their way into my Hall of Fame, and that is when you get to read them, too.

Intersectionality and Us – Netra, Grade 11

Intersectionality and Us  A week ago, my family and I attended my little cousin’s birthday party, who just turned 3. It was a bustling atmosphere;...
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“The Paper Menagerie”: A Short Story Review – Ethan, Grade 8

“The Paper Menagerie”: A Short Story Review  Do you know anyone who hides their cultural identity to fit in? “The Paper Menagerie” by Ken Liu...
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Freedom and Starvation – Kelly, Grade 11

Freedom and Starvation According to World Vision, it is estimated that there are 160 million victims of child labour worldwide. In an effort to prevent...
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A Passion to Sustain – Alex, Grade 11

A Passion to Sustain Just before you decide to experience that ephemeral aha moment of discovering a newfound passion, a raison d’etre, beware. For when...
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