The Subway Train – Annmarie, Grade 7

The Subway Train – Annmarie, Grade 7

The Subway Train

“Ugh, I’m literally out of luck today,” I mumbled with frustration.

I was disappointed. It was late, and now, I’d be late for another job interview. Then–it all happened so fast. All because of a stupid foot that I had tripped on at the worst possible time. The fear I felt in my body as I fell onto the tracks just froze me in place, like my soul had left my body. I did not know what to do, nor did I imagine if I would be able to get out of there on time. 

“BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP…” rang the alarm. 

“Ugh…what time is it?” I mumbled. 

As I slowly reached to press the STOP button on the alarm, I noticed the time on it. 

“No way!” I shouted, jumping out of my bed as fast as I could, “No, no, no, no, and no! This can’t be happening again!” 

I had woken up late, and because of that, I would most likely not make the interview on time, and maybe even miss my subway trip there. 

“Why must this happen to me? Again!” I cried in vain.

For my first interview, I had also woken up late. And now, it was going to happen again. I quickly brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put on my most formal outfit. I had lost hope, but still, I decided to try and make it on time. After all, I did not want to miss another job interview. As I rushed to the kitchen, I took a piece of bread and then got some water and other items I would need before the interview. I grabbed my keys, put the bread in my mouth as fast as I could, with my bag of things, and ran out the door. I must have looked foolish running in formal clothes on the streets, as many people gave me weird looks. 

After a long, exhausting run to the subway station, I found out the train was going to be late. “You are out of luck. The subway train is running late today,” I said to myself. 

I felt angry and disappointed. It wasn’t fair. Not at all! I had woken up late in such a hustle just to get here on time, and now, the subway could not even make it on time! At this point, my stomach had started growling, like a lion scaring its prey.

“I didn’t even get proper breakfast,” I thought, feeling more and more frustrated.

I decided to start heading to the front, so I began stomping my way up, brushing past many people. 

“Ugh,” I said in my head, “I am seriously never coming to this horrible subway ever again! This sucks!”

As I was thinking, I did not notice the fact that I had reached the nearest point to go on the subway train. Suddenly, I tripped over something, most likely someone’s foot, that had caught me off guard. I lost my balance, and fell forward! It happened so fast, that it felt like my soul had left my body for a second. And soon enough, I was lying on the tracks, not knowing what to do, with my body hurting so badly. My arms had a few scratches, and some parts had even been bleeding slightly. My special outfit had been torn a bit and was very dusty and dirty. 

“Ok. I’m on a subway track. What do you do when that happens?” I thought, “Right! You have to move off of the tracks before the train comes! Now get yourself together!”

My heart was pounding so badly that one could hear and see it jumping out of my body. Right as I was about to move, I heard a quiet “clickety-clack” sound of the subway running on the tracks, which caused a frenzy inside me.

“Oh no. This can’t be happening. I’m too young to die,” I said in my head with worry and fear. 

Many people were shouting and calling for help. At this point, I finally felt enough courage to move, as I had been so frozen in fear. I frantically tried to climb out of the hollow space where the subway would most likely run over me to death, but it did not work. I was too weak, and I could not pull myself out. I was scared and did not know what to do, and was out of 

hope. Unexpectedly, I felt a hand grab my hand with force. I looked up to see a security man, and I was relieved. As I slowly got out, I heard the sound of the subway grow louder. All at once, I felt a pang inside myself. I realized that while I was on the tracks, I no longer felt mad anymore. And now, I felt a gush of wet, warm tears fall and roll off my face like a bunch of kids playing on a slip-n-slide.

“Hey, you okay?” asked the security.

“Y-yes…” I mumbled, “Thank you.”

Just then, I saw the subway arrive, and at that moment, I was so glad. The paramedics were on the scene soon, and I was getting the much-needed medical attention for the bruises and scratches all over my body. The paramedic took my arm, and while he was putting the bandage on a big scratch on my elbow, he said, “You are in luck. The subway train was late today.”