Category: <span>Short Stories</span>

A Tinge of Gold – Rachel, Grade 9

This short story is written by one of my grade 9 students. The short story conveys the theme that greed may blind one’s morality and cause hardships. The writer’s suspenseful style throughout the story makes it very difficult for readers to guess the climax and the resolution, keeping them on edge right until the last part. Also, the description and imagery help depict the setting and characterize the main character effectively. 

Glowing Red Lights – Vagus Truman, Grade 10

This short story is written by one of my grade 10 students, whose pen name is Vagus Truman. His short story reveals the ambivalent feelings in teenagers, who at times may question the purpose and meaning in all their experiences, hoping to create an original meaning in their lives. He has vividly portrayed the dilemma that the main character is faced with. The imagery and descriptiveness bring the whole story to life.