Category: <span>Short Stories</span>

The Unwavering Snail – Chris, Grade 7

This short fable is written by one of my grade 7 students. He conveys his message through the animal characters very vividly. He uses positive adjectives to describe the snail’s resolution in achieving his goal, such as unwavering and strong-willed. Also, he applies the literary device of repetition in order to better convey the theme of the story. The punchline of the story, which comes right at the end, is the most effective element in delivering the main message of the fable. 

Story of a Motion – Tim, Grade 7

This short story is written by one of my grade 7 students. It has an incredibly touching theme, which resonates with lovely moms. The theme is revealed right at the end, creating a sense of suspense that you would enjoy when you read the story. There is a lot of imagery and characterization in this 671-word short story, which does make it fun to read. Finally, the title, including a homophone, is an absolutely fitting title as you can read it in two ways, both of which make great sense.