No Secrets – Alice, Grade 6

No Secrets – Alice, Grade 6


This short story is written by one of my grade 6 students. The story touches on a very important theme, which may resonate with many students. The writer vividly expresses the frustration and the sadness in the character’s voice. There is a lot of imagery and characterization in this short story, which does make it convincing. 



No Secrets

Ever since I moved to my new school, two of my classmates were mean to me. They never missed the smallest opportunity to tease me, and being the shy person I was, I never stood up to their bullying. But that was until one day I learned the most important lesson in my life. It was the start of a regular school day when this all happened.

“Hey class, today we will be going to the library first period,” said Mrs. Night.

“Oh, look at Miss silent over there. I think she has throat disabilities or something. She is so quiet,” Mindy whispered to Ruby.

They giggled a lot until they were cut off by Mrs. Night.

You know what! I can speak. It’s just that people like you make me feel uncomfortable, and so I choose to be quiet. I tried to calm myself, but I could feel tears forming in my eyes.

I ran to the washroom quickly without looking back even though I could hear my teacher yelling my name.

“You have to be strong Mila. You have to be more courageous to speak up,” I told myself.

When I got to the washroom, I looked in the mirror. All I saw was a person that was doomed to be bullied forever. I had to speak up. People underestimated me because I was shy. I quickly splashed my face with some cold water and ran to the library.

“Oh, Miss Silent is back,” Ruby said.

Mindy came over and took the book I was reading.

“You, reading about courageous people in history? Ha, too bad you will never be one of them,” Mindy said, laughing.

“Oops! I accidentally ripped this page,” Ruby said playfully, dropping the ripped off page on the desk.

I stared at the book so mad that I could explode.

“YOU!” I said finally.

“Oh, look it’s her first word,” Ruby said.

“ Girls, what’s going on?” Mrs. Night asked.

“Oh well, you see Mila was fighting with us, and then she ripped a page out,” Ruby said.

Uhh, I just hate that girl. She always acts so nicely in front of teachers, but I know she is nothing close to nice when she bullies me.

“Did you tear out this page?” Mrs. Night asked, looking at me.

“Oh well, she kind of got all out of control because we said something that she didn’t like, but of course we apologized,” said Mindy, interrupting Mrs. Night.

“Is that true?” Mrs. Night asked me, staring right into my eyes.

I just stared daggers at Ruby and Mindy, who looked like they had just won the Nobel peace prize. Why do they always have to make me feel so bad?

“Answer me,” Mrs. Night said impatiently.

“Aww, it’s okay Mila. I am sure it was all just an accident,” Mindy said, pretending as if she cared about me.

I said nothing still. I tried to stop myself from crying. By now the whole class had gathered around, looking at me.

“ No!” I said before running to the washroom again.

I cried inside the washroom. Why is my life so miserable?


The school day went by really slowly. I tried my best to ignore Ruby and Mindy.  When I got home, my mom greeted me warmly.

“Hey, my dear Mila. How was your day?” My mom asked me.

“It was great,” I tried to lie, but I couldn’t hide my tears.

I ran to my bedroom upstairs with tears running down my cheeks. Nothing was okay. I really wished I could tell my mom the truth. But I didn’t want to make her feel worried and sad.

“Hey, Mila dear!” said my mom as she entered my room.

“Hey mom,” I said trying my best to hide my tears.

“I think we need to talk. I have noticed that lately, you don’t look like yourself. I know you are not happy, nor am I until you tell me what’s wrong,” my mom asked me.

“Nothing, I am fine,” I said, not trusting my voice.

“Oh, come on;  spill the beans. I know something is up. I am your mom. You can tell me anything,” my mom said.

Finally, I gave up to my mom’s implorings and told her about how Mindy and Ruby bullied me at school.

“Thanks for trusting me and telling me about what you have been recently experiencing. I’m sure those kids will find out about their mistake and will feel sorry. Tomorrow will be a better day.” My mom answered smiling.


The next day, as I was entering the classroom in the morning, I noticed Mindy and Ruby approaching me. Pretending I hadn’t seen them, I decided to turn around and head to the washrooms. But suddenly, I got called by Mrs. Night, who was standing by the board. I turned around.

“Come in Mila; Ruby and Mindy have something to tell you,” said Mrs. Night.

Not knowing what to expect, I was glued to the floor.

“We are very sorry, Mila,” said Ruby.

“Let’s be friends,” continued Mindy.

I didn’t know what to say. For a moment, I thought I was having a dream. But my thoughts were interrupted when I felt a pat on my back.

“Why don’t you invite them over to our house one day, Mila? I’m sure you can have a lot of fun!” It was my mom, wearing her big smile and looking at me, Ruby, and Mindy.