British Shorthair – Venessa, Grade 7

British Shorthair – Venessa, Grade 7


The British Shorthair Breed

British Shorthairs are a breed of cat that originated in Great Britain. A non-purebred British Shorthair costs about $75 to $100, while a purebred British Shorthair could cost around $1,500 to $2,000. British Shorthairs are medium-sized cats. A common British Shorthair colour is blue and weighs about 5 to 8 kg. They shed a decent amount of fur, and during spring, shed more than usual as it is the shedding season. As the name suggests, British Shorthairs have short hair, but they still shed a lot. Due to the heavy shedding, the owner must brush their British Shorthair at least once a week, which protects the cat and the house from gagged out furballs. British Shorthairs are not vocal cats, but they will meow very much when in heat or if they want something from their owners. They are house cats and should preferably not be let outside, as they have a hard time running, jumping, and climbing due to their weight. British Shorthairs also are very prone to weight gain, so their diet must be watched carefully. They also can tolerate loneliness better than most other breeds but still appreciate affection. According to research, British Shorthairs tend to be very friendly to strangers, other pets, and children, which makes them a good choice for a first cat. They need a claw clipping every 10 days to 2 weeks. British Shorthairs may not sleep on a person’s lap but would be pleased to sleep beside their owners. Overall, they are considered to be a perfect choice for first cat owners since they are not difficult to take care of.


A Cat Like No Other

If you or someone you know would like a cat, a British Shorthair is just the right cat! British Shorthairs are very friendly and always love to play! They get along well with many others, such as new people, children, other pets, such as dogs and other cats. If you need to go on vacation, a loyal cat like a British Shorthair would miss you but can handle their feelings and not break down. British Shorthairs don’t shed as much as many other breeds and would just need a quick brush outside every week! These fluffy babies don’t meow your head off but still will give an affectionate meow every once in a while to indicate that they love you and would like a pat on the head. British Shorthairs are soft, cuddly cats that would love to help someone out during hard times, as petting the warm coat of fur could soothe the mind. If a long-lived companion can save you the tears for a while, then a British Shorthair can help because they can last around 7 to 10 plus years if taken care of properly. A British Shorthair is a happy eater, so just make sure you watch their diet if you don’t want them to get overweight! Most British Shorthairs have a wonderful blue colour for their coat, so if you like lively blue, then a British Shorthair is for you! Overall, British Shorthairs are wonderful cats that give affection, are good starter cats, and aren’t hard to take care of! This shows what a wonderful cat British Shorthairs are and why you should get one now!