Category: <span>Informative Essays</span>

Avoiding Dictatorship – Ali, Grade 10

This literary essay is written by one of my grade 10 students. He has presented a very enlightening thesis statement, stating the steps that people can take in order to avoid falling prey to dictators. He has critically analyzed George Orwell’s 1984, providing support for his arguments.  He has included very clear quotes from the novel and provided accurate explanations and conclusions. 

Raising Empathy – Sabrina, IELTS Student

This standard five-paragraph essay is written by one of my IELTS students. She has an interesting hook-clincher strategy, starting the essay with the Syrian boy and finishing it with the same image. Also, she proposes three different strategies, which can be used to raise empathy and compassion in people. Finally, she successfully includes specific examples and details to back up her points, which makes the essay very convincing.