Descriptive Exercise – Danica, Grade 8

Descriptive Exercise – Danica, Grade 8

Descriptive Writing Prompt:

John saw the man across the street. He parked his car and got out. He ran towards the man to give him his bag. John waved his hands, but the man didn’t notice. Finally, he reached him. He gave him the bag, and the man was very happy. He tried to thank John, but he couldn’t speak. 

Descriptive Piece:

John had spent the last hour driving around the town in search of the man. As he turned back onto the main street, John spotted the man from the corner of his eye. John assured himself that it was the right person, for the man’s polka-dotted top hat and a checkered sweater made him stand out in the crowd. John’s eyes followed the man as he travelled down the busy sidewalk. When he saw the man sit down on a bench outside of a restaurant, John slammed his foot on the brakes of his car and opened the car door before the vehicle came to a complete stop. 

John clicked the seat belt button and tried to step out of the car, but felt forced back into his chair. He felt the seatbelt strap tighten against him. He looked down at the darned seatbelt and pressed down on the button repeatedly until it flung off. 

John quickly got out of the car and threw his arms up in the air. His hands tingled as the cool breeze blew through his fingers. John waved his arms in the air and he looked as relentless as a flag on a windy day. “Hey,” John yelled to the man. “I have your bag!” he shouted. But his words were drowned out by the speakers in a nearby stand blaring music. It was pointless trying to catch the man’s attention from where he was. So, John rolled his eyes and started running down to the stoplight to cross the street.

When he was halfway to the intersection, John saw that the light turned red. As he could just wait three more minutes, he thought about the other 60 minutes he might have to spend searching for the man again if he lost sight of him. John stopped his speed-walk to make sure the man was still where he saw him last. He was still sitting on the bench just a few paces away from where John was, but on the other side of the road. 

John took in a deep breath and when he saw a small opening in the car-filled streets, he sprinted across. John was almost across when he heard tires screech on the dark paved road. The driver honked his horn and John expressed his apologies by nodding his head at the person and waving his hand. He was in too much of a rush to care. John felt a little pathetic as the driver’s voice called out when John had finished crossing. “Get off the road,” yelled the driver. 

Fortunately, all the commotion drew the man’s attention. Once John was safely on the sidewalk, he made his way toward the man on the bench. The man’s eyes examined John and fell upon the bag in his hand. The man reached out his hands. They were wrinkly, just like his face and, goodness, his hair was gray. John placed the bag in the old man’s hands and started, “I believe that this is yours.” The man did not respond. He just smiled. His teeth were blanketed in yellow sheets, but his eyes expressed much gratitude. John wished the man a farewell, and they both stood up and walked their separate ways. John turned around to look at the man one more time and noticed that he left the bag on the bench. John continued walking back to his car and yelled into the air, “I am not doing this again.”