Isolated – Caden, Grade 5

Isolated – Caden, Grade 5


Everyone is aware that Covid-19 is getting worse every day, so the government has decided to impose a lockdown at the right time before it is too late. The government is trying to protect the people from the virus. Lockdowns are necessary because they can help save the lives of the most vulnerable people, help flatten the curve and take the burden off the healthcare system, and help businesses operate again

Lockdowns can save the lives of vulnerable people. The vulnerable people are people aged 65+ because they are older and their bodies are weaker. Studies show that 8 out of 10 reported deaths in the USA are people 65 years old or more. To protect these people, the government needs to reduce human contact by imposing lockdowns. The vulnerable also have to take action by wearing a mask or avoiding unnecessary face-to-face contact. This lockdown will protect older people from getting exposed to the virus.

The healthcare system is working relentlessly because the spread of covid-19 is getting worse and worse. This lockdown will flatten the curve because it will reduce the number of people going outside, and that will make the number of cases go down. Then the healthcare system could take a breath after carrying that much of a burden. Due to Covid-19, emergency departments have had to deny about a whopping 25 thousand people a day. This lockdown will let people who just have a problem get cured. This lockdown will flatten the curve and take a lot of the burden off the healthcare system. 

Businesses are collapsing one by one because of Covid 19. Everyone knows that people are having financial difficulties because they have lost their job.  When employers cannot hold the company running, their workers lose their job too, and it is hard to get a job when Covid 19 is around. Economists believe that if this continues, more people will be losing jobs. The solution to this is a lockdown so the situation will get better soon and businesses could open again. 

A lockdown will protect the vulnerable people, take the burden of the healthcare system and help businesses reopen. This lockdown will save lives in many ways. So the government should impose a lockdown before it is too late and more people die. Lockdowns will solve this, and they are the next step to stopping Covid 19.