Single-Use Plastic Polluters – Kyle, Grade 5

Single-Use Plastic Polluters – Kyle, Grade 5

Single-Use Plastic Polluters

Plastic overflows our planet, and the government needs to take action now. Each year, about 400 million tons of plastic is manufactured, and a great fraction of it is single-use plastic bags. Single-use plastic bags should be banned because they cost consumers money, cause pollution and deaths, and finally waste natural resources. 

A ban on single-use plastic bags could decrease the price of products. Since plastic bags cost money,  supermarkets add the cost to the final price of groceries. Therefore, without them, people will save up to 40 dollars a month! People should not be worried if they do not have a plastic bag. They can just use a fabric or a reusable plastic bag. Each time people reuse a bag, they can save money. Therefore, the government needs to ban single-use plastic bags.

Single-use plastic bags can cause pollution and deaths. When plastic bags are dumped in places, such as wetlands and oceans, they not only cause pollution but also cause death when they are digested by animals. For example, mosquitoes usually live in wetlands.  When the larvae emerge, the microplastics on the plastic dumped into wetlands can stick to their bodies. After they are adults the mosquitos are eaten by another animal. Then the microplastic kills the animal. The culprit to all of this is single-use plastic because it is a natural breeding ground for mosquitoes. Banning plastic bags can not only reduce pollution but also save lives. 

Single-use plastic bags can also waste natural resources. In order to make plastic, manufacturers will have to use petroleum. Petroleum is a natural resource. If they use it to make single-use plastic bags, they are wasting perfectly good material by making something that harms the environment. So the government needs to stop using single-use plastic bags. 

Single-use plastic bags are really harmful to the planet and can affect animal and human lives. If people would want to save the planet,  they should stop using single-use plastic bags. The government can lead people in the right direction by putting a ban on single-use plastic bags