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Independence: A Right or a Privilege? – Ethan, Grade 10 IB

Independence: A Right or a Privilege? Modern society strives to grant everyone equal opportunities, regardless of their race, class, or sex. However, the beliefs embedded in traditional society are significantly different from the notion of equality that is promoted nowadays. For instance, merely a century ago, a family comprising a …

Religion as a Tool – Alan, Grade 11

This commentary, based on a passage from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, is written by one of my grade 11 IB students. The writer focuses on Mr. Broklehurst’s level of hypocrisy, proving it by analysing the devices that Bronte has applied in the excerpt.  He has focused on three literary devices, namely irony, imagery, and allusion, to prove how hypocritical Mr. Broklehurst is.

Pablo Neruda – Ben Grade 10 IB

This comparative commentary is written by one of my grade 10 IB students. The essay focuses on Pablo Neruda’s poems, exploring his stance on communism. Three literary devices, namely symbolism, metaphor, and diction, are specifically pointed out as the textual elements that Neruda has applied in his poems to establish his position in favor of communism. Above all, each element has been elaborated on, convincing the readers of Neruda’s standpoint.