A Day at School – Krystal, Grade 8

A Day at School – Krystal, Grade 8

A Day at School


I woke up to the melody of the birds chirping and the warm rays shining from the smiling sun. Ahhh, another adventurous day. Quickly, I brushed my teeth, changed into my clothes, ate breakfast, and left for the bus. I loved my school, and today, I just felt so excited. I was ready for another day of learning! For the first block, I explored the history of France and learned about sustainability. After chatting away with my friends during recess, I prepared for the next two periods of Health and English. At 12:30, we went out for recess again and ate our wonderful lunches. When it was finally the third block, I showed off my critical skills and solved some brain-racking math questions. But before I even knew it, school had ended!


Beep, beep, beep. Ugh, great, another boring, lame day.  These days, I was always tired. The huge load of homework was so stressful!

“Honey, you’re late! C’mon, hurry up, you were supposed to be up at 7:00, not 7:40,” my mom yelled from the kitchen. At least, I got 40 minutes back. I quickly picked whatever I saw on the floor and wore them as my outfit of the day; a pair of comfy, but smelly sweatpants and a plain t-shirt with a coffee stain on it. I ran downstairs and stuffed some toast and orange juice in my mouth and rushed out to my bus, just in time to hop on the bus. When I finally finished the first block of useless French and Geography, I went out to hang out with my friends only to find myself blushing of embarrassment from my stinky breath and messy hair.  I was going to be Today’s Gossip.

Anyway, next was the boring Health and English classes. I learned nothing as usual. When the time finally decided to speed up a bit, it was lunch, and I discovered I had forgotten my lunch box at home. Great.

For the rest of the day, my stomach rumbled until I finally got out of that nightmare called school.