The Savior – Chris, Grade 7

The Savior – Chris, Grade 7

This personal argumentative essay is written by one of my grade 7 students. He has written the whole piece from a personal point of view instead of a second person or third person point of view, neither of which is acceptable for this type of assignment. He has clearly referred to the dilemma before making the choice. He has provided clear topic sentences and relevant details to support his reasons. Finally, he has ended the essay with an interesting comment, containing a pun.  

The Savior 

The twenty-first century has been the movie fashion century and has turned many people into famous actors and actresses. In fact, becoming an actor has become many people’s dream. However, while many may strive to gain fame in the movie industry, I would rather pursue a completely different dream. I prefer to be the one who discovers the cure for cancer as I not only will be able to save millions of lives but also will become more popular and affluent than the most successful Hollywood stars.

If I discovered the cure for cancer, I could save many lives, which famous actors can’t. Cancer patients account for 31% of all early death, and 99% of cancer patients die in 20 years after their diagnoses. If I developed the medication and distributed it all around the world, then there wouldn’t be so many people suffering and dying from cancer. I would feel very happy if I could save so many lives.

Besides, as a person who discovers the cure for cancer, I can be better-known than the most famous actors. The movie industry introduces many actors and actresses to the world every year, but as the doctor who discovers a cure for cancer, a disease that has been affecting many families all around the world, I will become popular worldwide since I will have saved many loved ones. Besides, there will be only one such doctor compared to the many famous actors around the world, who are usually only popular in their own communities. Therefore, the lifesaver can be more famous than any actor or actress.

Finally, anyone who can find the cure for cancer will earn a lot more than the successful Hollywood actors. I might be able to win many prizes, including the Nobel Prize. I can also set up an international company to sell my life saving products, which a lot of people need. I can make a lot more money by that even if I sell my products at a very fair price. I will also have the patent to not let other people sell the same products as mine, which means I will be the only provider for a certain period of time.

For these reasons, I choose to be the person that finds the cure for cancer. Even the biggest stars cannot shine as brightly as the saviour, who saves people’s lives from cancer.