Banning Cell Phones – Angela ESL-E Grade 9

Banning Cell Phones – Angela ESL-E Grade 9

Say No to Cell Phones

Cell phones are like drugs; they are easy to take up but hard to give up! All over the world, cell phones have become a necessity in people’s lives. Cell phones are people’s friends; they help them a lot, but they can also be enemies, “killing” them gradually. Even though cell phones are a necessary part of many people’s lives, they are not essential for teenagers since they can waste teenagers’ time and energy, impede the development of essential social skills, and harm teenagers’ health.

First, cell phone are not necessary for teenagers as they can waste their time and energy. People almost can do everything on their cell phones; therefore, they could be tempted to play games, watch videos, or use social media. Since teenagers do not have enough self-control at such a young age to stop what they are doing, they may indulge in using their cell phones and waste the time and energy, which should be devoted to their studies. One of my friends in primary school always used to get very high marks in every subject, but after her parents bought her a cell phone, she began to spend her time watching videos on her cell phone, so her marks dropped immediately. Although she knew that she needed to stop using her cell phone and get back to her studies, she just couldn’t stop what she was doing. She wasted most of her time and energy using her cell phone. Sometimes, even my mother does not have control on her cell phone use, and each time she complains that she spends too much time on her cell phone, but she just cannot stop. When even an adult cannot have enough self-control and waste a lot of precious time and energy, how can a teenager be expected to resist temptations? So, cell phones are not necessary for teenagers because they can waste a lot of time and energy, which teenagers should be spending on more valuable activities.

Apart from a lack of self-control, teenagers also will not learn the necessary social skills if they use cell phones. During the break times, students always glue their eyes to the screens of their cell phones and never try to talk with other students around them. Therefore, they will not develop the social skills needed to make friends in life. Also, there are a lot of teenagers who use the cell phones to google information that they fail to understand in the class instead of asking for clarification from the teachers. Over time, this will affect their communication skills as they will do not ask questions, seek clarification and discuss answers with teachers. Teenagers should talk with friends more and ask the teachers more questions to develop their social skills. But when cell phones are around, such essential skills may not be developed.

Finally, teenagers should not be allowed to use cell phones because they can harm teenagers’ health. Cell phones emit radiation, which is bad for people’s cells, hearts, and many other body organs. Cell phones are not necessary for teenagers because teenagers are at the age of development. When they carry a cell phone with them all day long, it can harm their body and impede growth. Besides, looking at the screen of a cell phone for long hours can cause eye problems. My classmate has myopia of 5.00 degrees, which is the same as the condition that a senior professor may develop after many years of academic work. The weak eyesight will have many negative effects in his future that he will feel regretful, but he cannot do anything about it. Therefore, teenagers should avoid cell phones in order to have a healthy body.

Drugs are hard to give up after people have taken it for some time, but it is easy to say “no” to it before addiction. It is the same idea with the cell phones. Cell phones are not needed for teenagers.  Teenagers can use their cell phones after they are at an age when they have full control over themselves and have physically and mentally well developed. So, as a teenager, try to put down your cell phone now, and go out to enjoy the fresh air and the blue sky. Learn more from the books and the teachers; this can lead to a better and healthier future.