Category: <span>Inquiry Essays</span>

Reaction to Adversities – Selina, Grade 12

This inquiry essay is written by one of my grade 12 students. She has an interesting hook-clincher strategy, starting the essay with an analogy and ending it with the same analogy. In order to explore the issue, she draws on a number of resources, including some TED talks and the ISU novel. She also makes some valid connections to herself and to the world, which makes the essay very reflective in nature. Finally, she sums up the essay by providing an insightful qualitative comment, which requires some deliberation on the part of the readers.

Banning Homework – Leila, IELTS Student

This standard inquiry format essay is written by one of my IELTS students. She has written a general statement as the hook, which is a wise technique when writing an examination. The writer does not mention her thesis in the introduction in order to follow the prompt requirement, which asks for the discussion of both views before presenting a personal point of view. She adequately discusses both sides, tilting a bit towards the proponents in order to prepare the readers for her stance on the issue. Finally, she clearly presents her position on this issue in the conclusion. The essay contains 281 words.