Banning Homework – Leila, IELTS Student

Banning Homework – Leila, IELTS Student

Essay Prompt:

Homework is a flashpoint for conflict, both in the home as well as between the home and the school. Some are taking a stand against homework, and banning it altogether, but others consider the practice as a staple of our education system. 

Discuss both views and give your own opinion?


Recent surveys once again reveal that most educators and parents still have ambivalent feelings about assigning homework for children. While they may acknowledge the benefits of doing homework assignments for students, they cannot turn a blind eye to the adverse effects that it may have on students’ attitudes towards education. Some even go as far as to advocate a total ban on assigning homework.

Advocates of banning homework primarily argue there should be a distinction between home time and school time. If children are obliged to do homework, they cannot experience other aspects of life. Besides, by overloading students with homework, they assert, children may develop a negative view of education, considering schooling as an unpleasant and nerve-racking experience.

In spite of the arguments made against assigning homework, however, doing homework can help children learn essential life skills, such as responsibility, time management, and goal setting. In order to do their homework assignments successfully, students need to plan ahead and allocate the required amount of time, and this is exactly what they need to know when they take on new roles as adults in society.  Moreover, homework can act as a channel of communication between the school and parents. Homework assignments can also help parents identify their children’s weaknesses and misunderstandings, giving them the chance to provide assistance to their children or to notify the teachers of the existing problems.

Overall, despite its potential downsides, which can be easily resolved by assigning homework moderately and wisely, assigning homework can be beneficial as it can not only help students learn certain essential life skills but also makes it possible for parents to assist teachers in identifying areas in need of improvement.